• general anxiety disorder
  • social phobia
  • (complex) post traumatic stress disorder
  • dissociative disorder not otherwise specified
  • gender dysphoria
  • major depressive disorder: history of severe episodes
  • dysthymic disorder OR cyclothymic disorder

  • borderline personality

  • polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • hyperthyroidism
  • both unchecked since 2016

  • ongoing psychological abuse
  • poor housing and economic state
  • recent move to unfamiliar area

  • GAF score: consistently 30-40
  • fuck my life basically

f/n: psychiatrists are unsure about my brain issues a lot
especially with mood disorders
less serious shit
  • bulimic+anorexic tendancies (under control)
  • rare psychotic episodes
  • dermatillomania
  • misophonia levels 3-7
  • above 3 activated by stress

80mg prozac daily
20mg propranolol daily
clonazepam PRN

Sighs. info about dissociatated personalities
  • aware of 6 personalities, unaware of an unknown number of others
  • not sure which is the original
  • two introjects- one of a fictional character and one from a childhood bully
  • ages: 7~, 12, 16, 19, 28-32~, and undefined age 'ageless'
  • most agree to take the persona of a single identity to not confuse others, but are still distinguishable

M: tween, protector, introject, co-host
X: young adult, persecutor, perpretrator, avenger, introject of an abuser
A: sub-part of X, extremely anxious, perceives self as middle aged
R: main host, 'shell alter'
G: gatekeeper, protector, non-human, internal self helper
L: no idea. seems about 7 yrs old, is usually mute.
?: no info on others; total black out when they appear; they do not communicate. unsure how many